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Contribution of the project

Contribution of the project to sustainable development strategy

The project has a direct reference to all mentioned objectives and their achievement:


  1. Effective protection of the environment
  2. Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment
  3. Social progress that recognises everyone’s needs; and
  4. Prudent use of natural resources.

The project will contribute to fulfilment of all four broad objectives of sustainable development identified as:


1. At 40 % of national land cover, forests represent one of the major components of the environment. Technological upgrade of NFC infrastructure will significantly improve sustainable development of existing forest ecosystems and their biodiversity through availability of accurate forest data vital for their effective protection. At the same time, forests harbour many threatened, endangered, and endemic species of plants and animals and represent an invaluable source of gene pool. Majority of forest habitats have been included into NATURA 2000.


2. Forestry and timber industry represents the main source of employment and livelihood in many rural regions of Slovakia. As a rule, these regions are generally less developed and often impoverished and thus forest-based jobs are of vital importance for economic growth of rural Slovakia. The project will create preconditions for stabilisation and/or increase of employment in rural regions through improved knowledge of forest ecosystems and their future production potential.


3. Forests fulfil multiple social functions and thus their contribution to social progress is undisputable. Moreover, majority of these functions and their benefits are accessible to anyone regardless their social background. The project will create preconditions for sustainable use of existing natural resources and alternative solutions to energy crisis and global environmental issues.


4. Forests represent a strategic natural resource. Sustaining their integrity is thus of crucial economic importance. The integrity can not be sustained without an access to credible and comprehensive data on forest ecosystems and their biodiversity which will be facilitated by the project.


Given the environmental friendliness of the proposed technology and its multiple benefits, the project will generate highly positive impact on the environment through improved management of existing natural resources and conservation of biodiversity.