Project outputs

Main outputs will feature an extensive set of data on forests and their development including map products enhancing effectiveness of decision making in planning and management of forests and landscape.


Within the project, a pilot area of approximately 5000 km2 of forest will be covered by digital data and the following range of outputs:


  1. Digital terrain model (DTM)
  2. Digital elevation model (DEM)
  3. Assessment of forest changes for 3D model forest mapping
  4. Assessment of forest health based on NIR/CIR data
  5. Assessment of boundaries of forest covered areas (in Slovakia forests are often found on non-forest land excluded from forest planning; are of these forests is presently largely unknown)
  6. Elaboration of (true) orthophotomaps


Once the technology is integrated and in operation, public will acquire access to new objective digital data on forests (including online) on some 5000 kmof forest area.