Project partners

1/ Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL
The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape is a leading research agency on forests in Switzerland with over 100 years of research experience. The WSL possesses invaluable experience in modern remote sensing technologies the NFC is aspiring to acquire. In addition, natural conditions and tree species composition of Swiss forests are similar to Slovakia. Hence, a range of forest challenges is likely to be rather similar. NFC will thus benefit from both transfer of technological know-how and practical planning & management experience.


2/ Zilinska University
The university is an important scientific, research and educational body specialising in transportation issues (road, rail, water, air), transport infrastructure, electrical engineering, telecommunications, IT, management & marketing, fire protection, forensic engineering, etc. Within the developing Centre of Excellence the university shall have an access to advanced remote sensing technology (aircraft + digital sensor) later expanded to include a specialised cluster for storage and distribution of remote sensing data.


3/ Technical University Zvolen
TU Zvolen is the only scientific, research and educational body in Slovakia specialising forestry, timber industry and environmental sciences. Its long-term cooperation with the NFC focuses on forestry and forest ecology projects, education and training of forestry professionals and know-how transfer to forestry practice. The university is acknowledged for its research into new geodesy and photogrammetry methods used in forest mapping and remote sensing, growth and increment modelling, representative forest inventory methods and applied informatics.