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Technology implemented

The project is based on integration of advanced remote sensing technology into the process of data collection in forests and subsequent planning and management procedures.


Remote sensing technology is able to provide a wide range of accurate geospatial data in a very short period of time while meeting criteria of simplicity (flight mission, fully automated data acquisition), flexibility (multiple data usage), productivity (fastest production process), effectiveness (integration of components into highly functional units) and reliability (integrated solutions directly from producers). The technology offers better quality and accuracy of data in a shorter production time and at lower costs.


Digital airborne sensors are able to generate products previously expected from satellite sensors which these were not be able to provide to the scale envisaged such as:


  • Seamless cover of large areas,
  • Imagery generated in quick time sequence,
  • Lower acquisition costs when compared to satellite technology.


The combination of airborne digital sensor and LIDAR ensures synergy between accuracy of data on structural landscape elements and qualitative data impacting quality of decision-making processes.


Airborne sensors are easier to operate and not so heavily dependent on weather conditions. With aircraft, users can simply wait out bad weather and acquire imagery soon after rather than wait for the next orbit over the area of land. Because they are flown on an aircraft and not on a set orbit, airborne sensors can cover larger areas of land in one flight mission. Additionally, it's much easier to re-fly areas on aircraft than re-visits by a satellite, which means seamless image mosaics are completed faster. LIDAR technology so far does not have matching satellite technology for acquisition of accurate topographic data and structural landscape elements. Another advantage to airborne sensors is that flying height can be easily adjusted in aircraft to obtain the exact specifications needed by clients.